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How to shuck an oyster

Shucking an oyster can seem intimidating at first but it's pretty simple once you know exactly what to do.

Before you can shuck an oyster you'll need a few things. First you need a oyster shucking knife, this is not a typical knife that is sharp, rather it is usually dull with a pointed end. The knife will allow you to open the oyster shell and get access to the meat. The second item you will need is either a small towel or oyster gloves, this will prevent you from accidentally cutting your hand while trying to shuck the oyster. Sometimes the knife can slip off the oyster and hit your hand.

Start shucking your oysters

Hold the oyster

Hold the oyster with one hand with the oyster glove or towel keeping the deep cup side facing down and the hinge (pointed) end facing you. With your other hand take the oyster knife and insert it into the hinge of the oyster at a 45 degree angle. You don't want to insert the knife all the way in, you just want part of the tip in the hinge. You'll want to have it in just enough that you can hold only the handle of the knife without it falling off the oyster.

Separate the hinge

Once you have the knife in the hinge slowly twist the sides of the knife up and down in an effort to open up the shell. You only want to slightly separate the hinge from the shell. 

Separate the adductor muscles

Next, run your knife along the top of the shell. There is an adductor muscle connected to the top that you need to separate from the shell. There is also an adductor muscle along the bottom so slide the knife underneath the bottom of the oyster as well to separate.

The adductor muscles are fairly easy to separate when you are just running the knife along the top and bottom. 

Enjoy your fresh, raw oyster

That's it! You've shucked the oyster and now it's time to enjoy its deliciousness. Keep the oyster sitting in the bottom shell and slurp the oyster back like you'd be taking a shot. You can eat it just like it is or add any of your favorite toppings