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Oyster toppings: The most delicious ways to eat your raw fresh oysters

Multiple oyster toppings next to a bed of fresh raw oysters on the half shell
Having fresh oysters delivered to your home means being able to enjoy the wonderful flavors any time you want. Raw oysters are too good to have as a restaurant treat once in a while, they are perfect for your next party or something to savor on a quiet weekend with your family. The question is, what are the best oyster toppings to enjoy those delicious raw oysters with?

Lemon Juice

Probably the most well-known of all oyster toppings and seen as the traditional way to eat those fresh oysters. It’s simple, squeeze some fresh lemon juice onto the shucked raw oyster, and eat it. The lemon flavor really brings out the briny flavor that we all love from those raw oysters.

Mignonette Sauce

A restaurant favorite when it comes to oyster toppings, but simple to make at home too. Mignonette features wine vinegar, shallots and black pepper. Mix together and leave for a couple of hours for the flavors to blend perfectly. Just drizzle over the fresh oyster and eat for a superb alternative. If you fancy something with a bit more kick, add some chopped jalapenos to the sauce and enjoy your raw oysters.

Horse Radish

Pairing fresh oysters with fresh horse radish will really open your eyes to the wonderful natural flavors you can find in simple, quality food. With its earthy flavors, horse radish complements the saltiness of fresh raw oysters and makes it one of the great oyster toppings. Just grate a little horse radish onto shucked fresh oysters and serve.

Hot Sauce

Possibly THE most American way to eat raw oysters, hot sauce oyster toppings add something very different to your oyster experience. Just take your favorite hot sauce, we love the various Cholula sauces, and add a small amount to each raw oyster before eating. Be careful not to add too much, just enough to add a kick, but you still want to taste the fresh oyster.

Cocktail Sauce

Some say this is the original when it comes to oyster toppings, even more than lemon juice. The key with cocktail sauce is that less is more, as it has strong flavors that could overpower your raw oysters if too much is used. You can buy cocktail sauce, but for the best fresh oysters, make your own by mixing some grated horse radish and ketchup together. 2 tablespoons of ketchup to ½ cup ketchup are a good starting point, but as with all oyster toppings, adjust to taste.
Which one will use choose for your next delivery of fresh oysters?